Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Game Kick…

I am out on the rugby field and I get a shock because there are hundreds of people looking at me. It is time to play. I get really nervous, one of my team-mates kicks the ball and miss so our coach told me to kick the ball I got really anxious so I start walking over to the ball I am counting  321 go I kick the ball and it went really high in the sky we all ran for the ball my best team-mate caught the ball. My team-mate chucked the ball to me I caught the ball so I chuck the ball to my other team-mate in the end  he  caught it and got us a try we were so proud of each other and the crowd
went wild.  I feel really confident now and it is amazing. I love playing Rugby.  It does not matter if we don't win, the other team will have a favorite time in their life, if they win.  Canada has been winners heaps of times. We have one huge trophies and most of them are gold.