Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Whainga Ako: Recount an event using an Orientation. 5.w

Paerau angitu: Described setting with who what where why

and when.
What-Stayed at my friends house and played around the house.
Why-Because i haven't been to my friends house for a long time.
Who-OceanBlue Ariana Maia Jorgarse Direl Jeru Hato and Arion.
Where-At my friends house for the Weekend.

Title: At Maias house…
On Friday after school I went to my friend Maias house and Maia Ariana and I put our bags inside. We got a drink of water then we went outside with Maias baby sister Oceanblue. We played on the tramp then we played on Ariana's bike she has a frozen bike. We played mermaids.  

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  1. Tena koe Jorgarose,

    Awesome! Thank you for creating and sharing you're learning with me.