Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Whainga Ako: Recount an event using an Orientation. 5.w

Paerau angitu: Described setting with who what where why

and when.
What-Stayed at my friends house and played around the house.
Why-Because i haven't been to my friends house for a long time.
Who-OceanBlue Ariana Maia Jorgarse Direl Jeru Hato and Arion.
Where-At my friends house for the Weekend.

Title: At Maias house…
On Friday after school I went to my friend Maias house and Maia Ariana and I put our bags inside. We got a drink of water then we went outside with Maias baby sister Oceanblue. We played on the tramp then we played on Ariana's bike she has a frozen bike. We played mermaids.  

Monday, 9 November 2015

Last week on Monday was cross country  my friend River came 3rd place and my other friend Jasmine came 1st place first what we did was have a stretch and then we ran my friends River and Jasmine went to Ohaiwai after that you go to Dargival then you go to Whangarei and that is where you get your Silver Bronze and Gold metallic. Thank-you By Jorgarose

Friday, 6 November 2015

1.05.2015       Anzac day

Anzac day began as a time to remember the world war 1 soldiers who of thought for us and died on a small beach in Turkey. The Anzacs had been sent to capture the Turkish peninsula   of Gallipoli to let the navy through to the black sea. The attack turned into a battle that dragged on for eight years.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Game Kick…

I am out on the rugby field and I get a shock because there are hundreds of people looking at me. It is time to play. I get really nervous, one of my team-mates kicks the ball and miss so our coach told me to kick the ball I got really anxious so I start walking over to the ball I am counting  321 go I kick the ball and it went really high in the sky we all ran for the ball my best team-mate caught the ball. My team-mate chucked the ball to me I caught the ball so I chuck the ball to my other team-mate in the end  he  caught it and got us a try we were so proud of each other and the crowd
went wild.  I feel really confident now and it is amazing. I love playing Rugby.  It does not matter if we don't win, the other team will have a favorite time in their life, if they win.  Canada has been winners heaps of times. We have one huge trophies and most of them are gold.